Pink Beach Lombok: 5 Unique Spot to Visit

Pink Beach Lombok is one of the tourist destinations in East Lombok, which is increasingly popular because it has a natural beauty and uniqueness of pink sand.

The real name is Tangsi Beach with a length of about 1.5 km, the beach area is 6 meters surrounding by the hills that form the bay and in the sea, there are several small islands called gilis.

The tourists who visit this location also visit several different beaches with pink color sand and small islands.
This pink color comes from the dead red coral and melting, mixed with soft white sand that makes the sand looks pink.

Pink Beach located on the east coast of Lombok Island, precisely in the Sekaroh Village, Jerowaru District, East Lombok regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province.

Pink Beach Tour Packages Price

This Lombok tour package is a daily tour that is done within a day.

And the following are itinerary tour packages that you can enjoy for more details contact us if you want to travel to this place.

Number of Participants Price / Person
1-2 People IDR 890.000
3-4 People IDR 750.000
5-6 People IDR 675.000
7-8 People IDR 530.000
9-10 People IDR 470.000
11-12 People IDR 395.000
 Price Included 
  • Car and gasoline during the tour
  • Boat to the pink beach
  • A professional driver and tour guide
  • 1 time lunch
  • Mineral Water
  • Entrance fee at tourist attraction
  • Local guide on a tourist attraction
 Price Not Included 
  • Flight ticket
  • Hotel
  • Personal use

5 Places to Visit on Pink Beach Lombok

There are many places you can visit if you choose the sea route from Tanjung Luar and usually this route only taken by those who use travel services with tour packages.

1. The Sand Island

pulau pasir lombok timur

Sand Island, this island appears when the water receded, if the wind came from the southwest then it appears starting in the morning, while in the south wind season it appears in the afternoon, at this time the sand island becomes the last destination when you return from the Pink Beach.

There is no life on this small island, but the uniqueness you will probably cast your feet for the first time on white sand form like pepper.

You will see so many starfish with various colors and not far from this place there is Gili Marengkeq inhabited by Bajo society, the old tribe in Indonesia and famous for their expertise in ocean fishing and likes to move around.

If you have time to stop you can see how the life of famous fishermen community and they also have a weaving craft that can be made for souvenirs.

There is unusual and quite unique scenery from three islands near Sand Island that is Gili Marengkek, Gili Kambing, and one other small island.

At low tide, it will form a sand road that connects the three islands. The surrounding community used the road as access to other islands.

2. Pink Beach Lombok 2

Once you get off the boat you will definitely feel unusual in this second spot, the sand is so soft as standing on the flour and of course also the color.

There is no community living on this coastline that there is a stretch of green valleys and flanked by hills.

3. Gili Petelu

gili petelu lombok timur

Gili Petelu, as the name implies there are 3 small dwarf-shaped hills whose beaches are connected together. Another uniqueness of this place there is two different beach separated by white sand about 2 meters in width.

This place is a spot for snorkeling, the water is greenish-colored so you can see the underwater life.

At the bottom of the sea, you will see the beauty of the marine life which is so extraordinary, there are hundreds species of fish with a variety of colors, one of them is colorful Nemo fish and the blue coral that known only live in 2 places in the world, in Caribbean and Lombok.

While the other part of the sea that is separated by the beach and it is a spot for you to see the shark closer, our boat captain will guide you to see the sea predator directly, but the sharks here are not dangerous and the largest size we have ever seen is about 1-meter length.

Tips: Do not forget to bring bread so you swim always around the fish. In order to preserve the fish and coral, try not to step on the big coral, which most laymen make it a foothold.

4. Pink Beach Lombok 1

pantai pink lombok timur

This beach is the first time found and explored for tourism in this region, arriving at this location you will see the sand is pinker than Pink Beach 2, while the softness of the sand same as the other beaches.

Around the beach there are many small stalls selling young coconuts as well as snacks, different from the previous place this area is inhabited by some families and this beach is directed by the tourists who take the land route.

And to enjoy the beach atmosphere most of tourist choose to swim and also play with the sand, whereas to see the whole beach scene you can climb the hills that are not too high.

5. Semangkoq Beach

memancing di pantai pink

Being on the right of Pink Beach Lombok 2 is the next destination that you must visit, this beach is called Semangkoq Beach (bowl) because the beach lips are so curved.

There is no option to get to this beach except by boat because of wedge by high enough hills.

This place is also the spot of the angler because there are coral that is hollow and filled with fish known by the surrounding community as a fish well.

Snorkeling can be an activity of your choice in this place to enjoy more beautiful coral reefs as well as underwater life.

How to Get to Pink Beach Lombok

1. Public transport. Via Mandalika station to Jerowaru market, then head for Tanjung Ringgit intersection. Estimated time 4 hours from Mataram.

2. Personal vehicles. Passing Jalan Raya Mantang 76.4 Km, estimated time 2 hours 28 minutes from Senggigi.

3. Public transport. Via Raden Puguh Road 73.3 Km distance, estimated time 1 hour 52 minutes, to Tanjung Luar Port, then using public boat.

4. Car rental services. Using a car rental service in Lombok via Jalan Raya Bypass Lombok International Airport 98.7 Km, estimated time 2 hours 28 minutes from Senggigi or Mataram City directly to pink beach 1.

5. Tour Packages. Via Jalan Raya Bypass Lombok International Airport 79.4 Km, estimated time 1 hour 52 minutes, then use boat to beach pink price include private boat rental.

how to get to pink beach lombok

We strongly recommend you choose to use the tour package through Tanjung Luar Harbor, from this place by boat you can enjoy more places including small islands and a shorter time on the road.

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